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Top 5 Qualities of an Excellent Caregiver in Philadelphia

Whether you are providing care for a loved one or in a paid caregiver position, such a home health aide or a nurse there are certain characteristics that every good caregiver should possess. Just because you care does not make you a good caregiver; here is a list of the top 5 qualities of an excellent caregiver:

  • Compassion  

A.  Working in a health care environment definitely calls for someone who genuinely cares for the health and well being of a patient. A caregiver should be able to support their patient with all of their physical and emotional needs.

  • Empathy 

A.  This one is a must! You must be able to put yourself in the shoes of the person you are caring for and ask yourself, “how would I want to be treated in this situation.” In order to provide the best care possible with the highest level of dignity and respect for you patients you must be able to express empathy.

  • Dependability 

A.  When someone is in need of personal care they have already lost a portion of their independence; which can be very unsettling. Your patients are counting on you to be there when you are scheduled to be there and provide the care that they require. A good care giver is reliable and their patients should never have to worry about their dependability.

  • Patience 

A.  Whether you patient is a child, elderly, has suffered a brain injury or has dementia, everyone has their own issues that they are struggling with in terms of their illness and/or accepting that they need assistance to care for themselves. As a caregiver you must demonstrate a high level of patience when meeting the needs of their patients. It is important to remain calm and understand that your patient may require some extra time and support to perform ADL’s (activities of daily living) or other aspects of care. Remain patient and understand that this is all part of providing the highest level of care.

  • Flexibility 

A.  Our patients deserve the best, so if you, or your caregiver possess the above mentioned qualities they are well on their way to providing top notch care

B.  In the world of care giving, things can change at the drop of a hat. A good caregiver must be able to ride the wave of change and go with the flow of care. Remaining flexible in all aspects of care from scheduling to 1:1 care will serve you well throughout your years of care giving.

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