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Personal Health Care … has over 25 years of experience providing pediatric home health care and school care for children with complex medical challenges. We are committed to making sure that every child gets the compassionate, fully personalized care and attention that they rightfully deserve. To be effective, pediatric home health care must be individualized. We understand that no two children are the same and that each child’s needs are designed on a one-on-one basis.

At Personal Health Care, our dedicated home health care professionals closely with our pediatric client’s doctors, the wider family, and any support staff to ensure the very best nursing is provided to them. We are proud to offer pediatric & school care that is highly flexible: Our service can be delivered in the home, being transported to school, or delivered entirely at school.

Your child deserves the very best support. Our nurses are available to care for our pediatric clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If you are looking for Pediatric Specialty Care in Phoenixville, give us a call today at 610-557-3853 and our staff can go over how we can provide you with the best care possible. We offer free, strictly confidential home health care assessments.

At Personal Health Care, We are Connected

Personal Health Care understands the importance of comprehensive pediatric & school services. While comprehensive care is crucial for every patient, it is especially critical for children. If your child is receiving home health care services, it is imperative that those health services are properly integrated into their school life, their personal life, and any supplemental educational instruction. We work closely with several districts and insurance companies in the area to ensure our clients have seamless care no matter the environment.

No pediatric case is too big or too small for our home health care specialists. Our team is equipped to provide excellent pediatric care regardless of the specific circumstances of the situation and no matter the nature of your child’s needs. Indeed, our highly trained nurses are able to provide service in the home, school, or school bus setting and are capable of handling the most medically complex case.

Home Health Care Services We Offer

  • Tracheostomy Care
  • Ventilator Support
  • Medication Management
  • Traumatic Brain Care
  • G-tube & Nutritional Support
  • Seizure Precautions & Management
  • Behavioral Support
  • Bowel & Bladder Management
  • Personal Care
  • One-on-One Specialized Support

What Does a Pediatric Home Health Care Professional Do?

Pediatric home health care professionals and pediatric nurses provide a wide range of different services to medically vulnerable children. Pediatric care is not just for young children. Anyone from age 0 to age 20 could benefit from pediatric home health services. What exactly a pediatric nurse will do for your child depends entirely on their unique medical needs.

In some cases, children need round-the-clock home health care services. In other cases, care is only needed on a relatively limited basis. It can include everything from continuous observation and assistance with basic daily activities to help with medicine management and long-term behavioral support. It is crucial that children who have special needs get access to the right pediatric health provider.

Does My Child Need Pediatric Home Health Care?

Many different children need pediatric home health services. In some cases, the need is obvious and overwhelming. For example a premature infant may need intensive medical support for the first four to six months of their life. Similarly, a cardiac-compromised child or a neurologically-compromised child may need ongoing attention. The more severe the case, the more likely early intervention is necessary to make a significant difference.

In other cases, the need for and benefit of home health care may be less clear. Some children could benefit from part-time pediatric services. In these situations, Pennsylvania parents may also have questions about whether or not their child would be eligible for coverage under an insurance policy. If you and your family find yourself in this position, the best thing that you can do is to contact our team and schedule a free, no obligation in-home health assessment. Our team will be able to provide you answers to all of your specific questions.

What Separates Personal Health Care

At Personal Health Care, our pediatric home health care professionals take a truly multidisciplinary approach. When we starting working with your family, our team will always put in the time and energy needed to conduct a careful assessment of the unique medical and personal needs of your child. Only after a thorough analysis will we be ready to create a comprehensive plan focused entirely on putting your child in the best position to be healthy and to thrive in their personal and educational life.

In addition, we assign a single case worker to every single child. Your family will be connected with a pediatric expert who will be overseen directly by our Director of Nursing. You can be confident that your child’s care will be in the right hands. Finally, Personal Health Care provides true 24/7/365 pediatric support. Your child and your family will always be able to connect with our home healthcare professionals.

Get Pediatric Home Health Care in Southeastern Pennsylvania

At Personal Health Care, our compassionate home health care nurses have the skills and experience needed to offer the full range of pediatric care and school-related care. We are committed to ensuring that every child we work with gets the attentive, individualized services that they deserve.
To set up a free pediatric home health care assessment, please do not hesitate to contact our team today. Our home health care team is based in the town of Phoenixville, PA and we offer services throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania, including in Chester County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, and Lancaster County.

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