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To Resolution or Not to Resolution?!

We are halfway into our first full week of the New Year, 2015, and many of us are already struggling with our New Year’s Resolutions. Even the word “resolution” denotes a hint of possible failure. We have resolved, or made a pledge that we are going to eat healthy and exercise more. These absolute resolutions lend us to believe that if we eat pizza for lunch one day, or haven’t exercised all year, that we have failed our resolutions, and ourselves. Let’s change the wording and see what happens. I prefer to set goals, rather than resolutions. There is a little more wiggle room in setting goals, so that if you start to fall off track with your goal you still have time to make amends. For example, if you set a goal to lose 10 pounds by June, you make a plan with specific monthly or even weekly mini-goals to help you stay on track to reach your weight-loss goal by June. If you have a bad week and gain a pound (or two), you can modify your next week’s goals to help you get back on track. Setting realistic goals, rather than resolutions, can help to keep yourself honest and really make an effort to stick to your plan and to ultimately succeed and reach your goals. So here’s to New Years Goals! Good Luck from Personal Health Care!!

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