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Spring Cleaning in the Fall With Personal Health Care

Who says you can’t do some “spring” cleaning in the fall?! Autumn is the perfect time of year to get organized before the holidays! Here are 5 Fall Cleaning Tips that will get you ready to have a safe, clutter-free winter:

1.  Clean out roof gutters: Cleaning gutters is a messy, but necessary task in order to keep water moving away from your home; instead of pooling on your roof and causing leaks. A little effort now, before the snow starts falling will save you from countless headaches this winter!

2.  Winterize your kitchen applicances: Clean out your refrigerator (inside and out!), Dishwasher and Stove. Take extra time to make sure your appliances are clean and in good working order to prepare for holiday baking!

3.  Clean and organize your garage/ closets: Summer is a great time for outdoor sports and adventures but all these outdoor activities come with lots of equipment that tends to accumulate in garages and closets. Take some time to remove things like boogie boards, beach chairs, tents and camping equipment that you will not be using this winter. Also make sure you stock your garage with snow shovels and ice to prepare for the first snowstorm!

4.  Out with the Air and in with the Heat: Remove all window air conditioner units and make an appointment to have your heater or furnace serviced before you need to turn it on! Making sure your heater is clean and in good working order will help to avoid that “oh no, it’s 30 degrees outside and we have no heat” moment!

5.  Pest control: As the weather gets cooler, especially at night, rodents such as mice like to find any little cracks and crevices to enter your home and settle in for the winter. Set traps or call a professional exterminator to help winterize your home and keep the critters outside where they belong!

Happy Fall Cleaning!

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