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Home Care in Philadelphia and Preventing Falls Among older Adults

Two Million adults older than 65 are treated for falls and their related injuries. This works out to be 1 in 3 adults 65 and older were treated for falls and for every 10 years after 65 the risks increase. We often find in the home care industry that if we can prevent our clients from falling that they can live a longer and healthier life at home. Most falls that we encounter are cuts and bruises that occasionally require stitches; however, we do encounter falls that result in traumatic brain injury and broken bones. The most common fractures are to the spine, hip, forearm, leg, ankle, upper arm, and hand. The more severe falls generally involve longer hospital stays and are followed by in patient rehab before being discharged home. We also see clients who fall and break a hip or leg often times do not return home due to the increased needs of their care. Over 95% of hip fractures are the result of falls which occur in men at twice the rate. Some ways to reduce the risk of hip fractures are consuming proper amounts of vitamin D and calcium and getting screened for osteoporosis.

Every client whom we provide home care service to in Philadelphia has an initial home evaluation which covers home safety tips and recommendations for improvement. All of our home health aides are trained on the best practices of fall prevention through monthly trainings and yearly evaluations from the director of nursing. We strive at providing not only quality home care but to ensure the safety and wellness of our clients in their homes so they can have maximal independence and privacy.

Here are some tips in order to avoid falls
• Exercise Regularly
• Make sure your medications are reviewed by a pharmacist and Doctor to avoid side effects
• Have your vision checked once a year
• Eliminate hazards in the home such as removing loose items you may trip over, adding grab rails in the bathroom, and having proper lighting

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