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At Personal Health Care, our Phoenixville tracheostomy care service specialists have the skills, medical training, and experience to provide high-quality tracheostomy care to people throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania. With a commitment to excellence and personalized attention, we are here to support you and your family. Call us now to set up a free, fully confidential in-home tracheostomy care assessment.

What is a Tracheostomy?

A tracheostomy is a medical procedure that involves the creation of an artificial opening within the throat. The purpose of a tracheostomy is to assist with a patient’s breathing or to create an alternative airway. Indeed, the operation allows a person to breath without using their nose or mouth. Most often, this operation is needed when there is some type of significant upper airway obstruction. Some examples include certain types of cancers and respiratory muscle paralysis.

The Importance of Proper Tracheostomy Care

While it is not a rare operation—more than 100,000 people get tracheostomies in the United States each year—a tracheostomy is an intensive and invasive procedure. Going through one can be challenging, particularly for vulnerable people who may also be dealing with other health issues. After getting the operation, it is crucial that patients and their families know what to do.

Consistent, ongoing tracheostomy care (trach care) is required to ensure that the tube is kept clean. Proper trach care will help you prevent clogs and infections. It is imperative that trach care is performed routinely and correctly. Even a single day of missed care can cause serious problems for a vulnerable patient. Although some patients are in a position to perform trach care on their own, others may need professional support. If you or your loved one needs professional Phoenixville tracheostomy care services, then contact us today for a free consultation.

Home Care Services

Why You and Your Family Can Rely On Personal Health Care

With a team of private duty nurses and home health aides who have extensive experience performing tracheostomy care for a wide range of patients, Personal Health Care is committed to excellence. We have been Southeastern Pennsylvania’s most trusted home health care agency for nearly 40 years. Our mission is to get people the support where they are most comfortable—in their own home.

One of the many things that sets Personal Health Care apart is that we take a true multidisciplinary approach to providing client care. Services always start with a comprehensive, individualized evaluation and assessment of a patient’s tracheostomy care needs. We know that every situation is unique. Our nurses and health aides put in the time and resources to find out exactly what a patient needs. From there, we will assign a person case manager to oversee care and ensure that 24/7 support is available whenever attention is needed.

Get Top Tracheostomy Care Services in Phoenixville

At Personal Health Care, our Phoenixville tracheostomy care professionals have the training and experience needed to provide high quality tracheostomy care. If you have questions about our services, we are more than happy to help. Free in-home health assessments are available. Our home health care professionals provide top quality tracheostomy support throughout all of Southeastern Pennsylvania, including Bucks County, Montgomery County, and Philadelphia County.

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We take pride in our reliable and responsive staff who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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Personal Health Care has been committed to delivering reliable, affordable, and professional in-home care. Personal Health Care is a locally owned and operated, Medicare Certified, State Licensed Home Health Care Agency that serves our clients in Bucks County, Chester County, Delaware County, Montgomery County, and Philadelphia County. If you are looking for a Home Care Agency that will provide you with the assistance and professionalism you need, Contact Us or call (610) 933-6130 so our trained staff can provide you with the services you need.

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