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Pediatric Home Care in Philadelphia for Kids with Special Needs

Personal Health Care’s clients are composed of Pediatric and Geriatric clients.  Today, we serve as many Pediatric clients as we do Geriatric clients.  The increase focus in serving Pediatric clients is a direct result of the increased needs of Pennsylvania’s family’s.   We provide both home health aide service as well as nursing services to our kids in Philadelphia and southeastern PA.  Our Pediatric clients range from 1 year old to 21.  Their needs range from assistance with activities of daily living, one on one supervision, seizure management, mediation management, G-tube feedings, and Vent & Trach Care.

Many of the LPN’s and RN’s have several years of experience caring for our kids while a few have been able to make the switch from Geriatric patients to Pediatric patients.  We have increased our hiring of experienced Home Health Aides who have experience with special needs children.  We have also found that many nursing students looking to work as a Home Health Aide have had a great impact on our kids and families.  When caring for our special needs children, our caregivers not only have to provide the necessary care for the client but also try and assimilate into the family.

We currently work with several insurance providers in Southeastern PA who provide coverage through Medicaid.  As we move forward the demand for Geriatric care will increase but so will the need for care for our Pediatric Clients.

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