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Middle Stage Alzheimer’s Care in Philadelphia and Southeastern PA

The middle stage of Alzheimer’s tends to be the longest stage of Alzheimer’s and its during this time that the role and responsibilities increase on the caregiver.  The Alzheimer’s patient will experience difficulty with words, become confused, difficulty performing routine tasks, and become more agitated.  One of the biggest things for a caregiver to do during this stage is to understand and become educated to the changes that the Alzheimer’s patient is going through and adapt to those changes.  It is always best to use a calm voice and don’t be afraid to repeat questions.  Safety becomes a huge concern for Alzheimer’s patient during the middle stage and safety precautions should be taken in the home and driving should not be allowed.  The daily needs of care will increase and the patient will require assistance with eating, dressing, and grooming.  Going for walks, listening to music, and normal activities preformed together are encouraged.

Always keep the medically professionals in your life up to date on changes and medication side effects.  Caregiving can be a very demanding responsibility or job during this stage and is important to always take some time for yourself.  There are several local and national support groups out there for caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients and it can alleviate some stress and frustration by using those resources.  It is always important to remember that communication is an essential part of the care for Alzheimer’s patients.  For more information please check out

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