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Elderly Care in Philadelphia and the Heat

Summer officially begins in a couple of days on June 21st and we have begun to experience excessively hot days.  Not only are the young at risk during high temperatures but elders are as well.  Even when there is a sudden increase in temperature and it may not feel that warm to adult it can have an effect on our seniors.  Our seniors are more likely to have chronic conditions and take prescription medications which can have an adverse effect during times of high temperatures.

The biggest concern for our seniors is heat stroke.  This occurs when the body becomes too hot and cannot cool itself down.  Heat stokes can cause death and permanent disabilities.  While heat stoke is the most serious concern to watch out for it is not the only concern.  Heat Exhaustion is a milder form of heat related illness that is caused by several days of exposure to high temperatures.

So what can we do to stay cool?  The most ideal situation is staying indoors in an air conditioned environment.  If no air conditioner is available in the home, malls and public libraries are a good alternative.  Also it is important to wear lightweight clothing and drink plenty of fluids.  We should also be checking on our seniors at least twice a day to make sure they are getting enough fluids and are not showing any signs of duress.  If someone is showing signs of heat related illness it is always best to have a medical professional check them out.  Enjoy your summer and stay cool.

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