The beginning stage of Alzheimer’s can last for several years and a person will experience a mild change in ability to think and show little changes to the outside world.  Everyone who is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s will follow their own path and the level of care usually depends on how quickly the disease advances.  Assisting with planning, organizing, managing medications, and recalling familiar people are all important aspects of caregiving in the early stages of Alzheimer’s.  As the caregiver it is important to establish emotional support and encourage  involvement in activities and sharing their feelings in order to prevent the feeling of isolation.  There will be good and bad days in the early stages of Alzheimer’s and the more knowledge that the caregiver has on the disease the easier those bad days can be.  It is important to make legal and financial decisions during this early stage.  Some issues that a caregiver may face in the early stages of Alzheimer’s’ are telling others about the diagnosis, planning for the future, staying engaged, living alone, and life changes.  For additional information regarding Alzheimer’s please go to