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Companion Home Care Service in Philadelphia and Southeastern PA

As we age certain daily activities become a little more challenging and there is more time for socializing. A companion caregiver is able to provide transportation for shopping, errands, social events and provide a sense of security and someone to talk with. Companionship care is usually the first step in the care spectrum of care offered by home care agencies. Unfortunately due to many factors is usually an overlooked need because we see our loved ones be able to care for the activities of daily living and generally are independent. At Personal Health Care we recognize that socialization and being able to go out in the community is a key part of remaining at home as we age.

One of the biggest challenges when searching for a companion caregiver is making sure that personalities match and that the time availabilities match. Since we are caring more on the social level and less on the physical level it is even more important that the caregiver and client are able to connect quickly. The companion caregiver is there to allow homebound adults live a more manageable life while still having independence. Some of the household choirs a companion can provide are assistance with bills, meal preparation, pet care, and light housekeeping. A companion caregiver provides valuable social care that reduces isolation and depression. We have seen in the past that many companions become an integral part of the extended family with communication between them and their loved one and providing a sense of security and comfort. If you know anyone who may be in need of companion care in Philadelphia and southeastern PA, please have them give us a call at 610-933-6103 and a case manager would be more than happy to speak with them over the phone or a face to face meeting can be set up.

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