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What is the Home Care Services Consumer Protection Act?

Home Care Consumer Protection

Every patient deserves the best home health care services. These are services that can be effectively customized to provide patients with the assistance that they need. For the most part, home health care agencies are regulated by state law. As an example, California legislators have passed a law called the Home Care Services Consumer Protection Act to promote the protection of the elderly and disabled patients who require assistance in their home. 

Among other things, the Home Care Services Consumer Protection Act requires caregivers to complete a sufficient amount of professional training, it requires home health care agencies to screen their staff members companies to obtain liability insurance, and it gives all consumers/patients important legal rights. 

An Overview of Home Health Care Regulations in Pennsylvania 

Similar to California, Pennsylvania has put a wide array of important regulations in place to protect consumers/patients who utilize home health services. As explained by the Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH), these rules are designed to ensure that every patient is able to receive adequate quality care. Specifically, five of the most important home health care regulations in Pennsylvania include: 

  1. Home health care agencies must conduct adequate criminal background checks and child abuse background checks on employees and staff members. 
  2. Home health care agencies must conduct tuberculosis (TB) screening on all employees and staff members that interact with patients. 
  3. Home health care agencies must take proactive steps to ensure the professional competency of staff members—including verifying that they have the appropriate license. 
  4. Home health care agencies must conduct periodic reviews of staff members to make sure that they are still capable of providing high-quality care. 
  5. Home health care agencies must provide adequate information to consumers, including informing them of their right to be involved in decision making and provide sufficient advanced notice prior to altering or terminating care.   

Elderly and vulnerable patients deserve high-quality home health care services that they can truly rely on in the time of need. At Personal Health Care, our team of licensed nurses and certified home health aides work tirelessly to offer patients the very best in health-related services. We strictly comply with all relevant regulations, including state-based rules from the Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH) and federal consumer and patient protection laws like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Of course, that is only the beginning. Our organization is dedicated to going above and beyond to make sure that every patient receives the fully individualized attention that they need and deserve.  

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