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What is Personal Care?

Personal care is a very broad term that involves supporting an individual who has trouble caring for themselves. Phoenixville Personal care will usually involve personal hygiene, dressing, toilet duties and personal appearance.

Each personal care plan is tailored to the individual receiving it. People have different preferences as far hygiene products, cleaning methods and sleeping options.

Personal care needs to be provided by a qualified healthcare professional. Some personal care may require specialized training such as diabetes and dementia healthcare.

A personal care professional should be able to handle all aspects of personal care. On the other hand, they should promote as much independence of the patient as possible.

Personal Care Options

As stated above, personal care is offered as per the individual needs of the client. Though there are many varying tasks associated with personal care, there are tasks that allow for categorization of personal care.

The following are the main personal care options:

Live in Care

If you need ongoing support or personal care, then living in care is the best option. It involves receiving personal care from a healthcare professional who lives with you.

Live in care requires the most dedicated of personal care professionals. They have to leave their families behind to care for a stranger which is quite difficult.

It is a hard job to get used to a person’s daily routine to provide them with personal care. On the other hand, living caregivers receive a significant amount in compensation.

Visiting Care

Visiting care involves a healthcare professional visiting a patient for a number of hours a day to help them with certain tasks and then leaving. Visiting caregivers usually have more than one client to whom they provide care.

Visiting care is unique in terms of setting your own schedule and receiving care on your own terms. You are also spared from the disruptions of moving into a care facility.

You get the one on one care from the comfort of your home. You also get to be independent and care for yourself when the care assistant is not around.

Elderly Care

As you can tell from the name, elderly care is personal care for the elderly mostly from age 65 and upwards. The elderly need different types of care than other age groups since they tend to be more fragile and need more care.

There are diseases that mostly affect the elderly such as dementia or arthritis. Therefore, personal care for the elderly needs to be conducted by a specialist.

Elderly care may involve receiving personal care at home. It may also involve care in a care facility.

Personal Care for Younger People

Younger people may also require personal care in certain conditions. Most of the time it is due to injury or some sort of disability.

The standard of care is also as good as other types of personal care. Personal care for younger people is the least common type of personal care.

If you need any type of personal health care, you should call Personal Health Care to schedule a free assessment.

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