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Skilled Nursing Care

Nothing can compare to living your life to the fullest free from diseases. Most probably, you would wish to live long to see your great-grandchildren. While this is possible, your loved ones may not find the time or have the capacity to care for you as long as you may want. You need trained medical personnel to provide you or your loved one with skilled nursing care. Why is this important? Take a look at these crucial facts.

What Does Skilled Nursing Care Entail?

This high level of medical intervention is offered to patients who require personalized care. For you to receive these services, you must be admitted to a residential facility that operates 24 hours a day. Here you will find professionals such as nurses, therapists, speech pathologists, and audiologists. You can only be discharged after having completed all the medical necessary rehabilitation treatment plans. In some cases, it is a permanent inpatient facility for persons who need custodial care.

Why do Seniors Require Skilled Nursing Care?

When you are aged 65 years and above, you may require personalized care from skilled nurses if your health is failing. Specialized healthcare services can help increase life expectancy. You can enjoy these services during your old age if Medicare or other private health insurers insure you.

Receiving medical care away from an assisted living facility is also possible. The patient has the option of staying at home or consider moving to an inpatient facility.  However, you have higher chances of receiving comprehensive treatment in an inpatient facility than at home. When receiving skilled nursing care in Phoenixville, you can enjoy support with personalized care and supervision from professionals. 

Skilled Nursing Facility Vs. Nursing Home

Most people tend to confuse skilled nursing care with nursing homes because of the medical services offered by both facilities. When you stay in a nursing home, it means that you are unable to take care of yourself regardless of your health status. Though you receive 24-hour care, a certified health professional may not be available to render their services as expected.

A skilled nursing facility, on the other hand, has certified professionals who specialize in different areas of healthcare. You can access a wide range of healthcare services in such a facility until your health is fully restored. Unlike a nursing home, skilled nursing care is temporary. Specific insurance plans may be applied before you can be admitted to this facility.

Get Skilled Nursing Care From Licensed Professionals

Are you in need of personalized care from skilled nursing care experts? At Personal Health Care, our dedicated professionals are experienced in handling your nursing needs. We welcome any individual or family in Phoenixville and the surrounding regions for personalized nursing care at its best. We recommend that you test our free, no-obligation, or in-hone health care assessments to determine the type of services that works best for you. Once we have assessed your problem, we match it with a treatment plan that is fully accommodating to your unique care requirements. Contact us today for all your nursing needs.

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