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Senior Care During The Holidays

The holiday season is filled with laughter, joy, family, and hopefully fun. It can also be a time of stress, packed schedules, last-minute shopping, cooking, hectic travel plans, and more. For seniors, the holidays can also be a source of happiness as well as depression.

Holidays may conjure a wealth of emotions for anyone. For seniors, they may feel isolated from the family or remorse for lost loved ones. Depression is a real concern around the holidays and seniors may be more susceptible to it than most.

Whether you’re caring for an aging parent or planning to visit one, here are a few things to keep in mind this holiday season.

Senior Care During the Holiday

Be Inclusive

Keeping your loved one active and involved during the holiday season can go a long way towards warding off depression. Make it a point to schedule time to spend with them and, if possible, get them involved in the planning or running of holiday events.

This can be as simple as wrapping presents or as intricate as cooking something for Thanksgiving dinner. If your loved one is under the care of a home care provider, they will be happy to assist in these activities.

Take Notice Of Depression Signs

Depression may set in around the holidays and it’s important to notice the signs. Look for physical changes such as body language, loss of appetite, or difficulty sleeping. Emotional signs may include detachment, distress, or being unusually quiet.

Changes in the home are also important to take note of. One sign of depression is often a reduction in housework such as cleaning or laundry. If you notice any of these signs, be sure to discuss them with your loved one’s care team.

Make Travel Plans Early

The holidays are often marked by traveling to and from family members. When possible, include your loved one in the plans. If necessary, make plans to travel to them as opposed to transporting them to you.

Most people, no matter what they may say, do not want to be left alone during a holiday they would otherwise celebrate. Loneliness may set in and lead to depression which can have a negative impact on physical health.

Traveling during the holidays can get hectic as well as expensive, so make plans early. Scheduling travel and having a plan can also give your senior something to look forward to and prepare for which can help ward off depression.

Need Further Assistance?

If travelling during the holidays is not possible, or if your schedule is so packed that you need extra assistance caring for your loved one; Personal Health Care can help. We’ve been serving the Philadelphia senior community for years.

Whether your loved one needs extra help during the holidays or prolonged daily care, a home nursing solution from Personal Health Care is an ideal choice for the senior in your life.  Our case management team works directly with you and your loved one to create a home care plan that works best for everyone involved, including your busy holiday schedules.

If you are looking for senior care in the Philadelphia area, contact us today for a free assessment and find out how Personal Health Care can help.

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