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At Personal Health Care, our Philadelphia home health care professionals have the training and experience necessary to provide exceptional quality companion care to older adults and other vulnerable people.
With a clear understanding that social isolation can be physically and emotionally damaging, we are focused on helping people live the highest quality of life. In this regard, companion care is an important tool. Contact us today to schedule a free, strictly confidential companion care assessment.

What is Companion Care?

Companion care is frequently the initial step on the broader home health process. Essentially, it is a form of non-medical care that helps elderly and vulnerable people live the best life possible. The research is overwhelming: Social isolation is stressful and unhealthy. The core purpose of companion care is to ensure that potentially isolated individuals are able to get emotional support and positive socialization. Beyond providing social support, companions typically provide assistance with some daily tasks, such as:

  • Basic housekeeping;
  • Grocery shopping and cooking;
  • Scheduling and planning; and
  • Daily transportation services.
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Why is Companion Care Important?

Companion care is fundamentally about improving lives. There are three core advantages to getting an elderly or otherwise vulnerable individual reliable, personalized companion care.

  1. Reduced Isolation: First, companion care helps to alleviate social isolation. Social isolation is unhealthy. Companions are selected to suit a client’s personality—ensuring that they can build a strong relationship.
  2. Help With Tasks: Companions also relieve some of the stress and pressure from elderly and disabled people by assisting with many common daily activities. While providing social support, a companion can take care of potentially taxing things like cooking and cleaning.
  3. Start the Process: Finally, companion care gets a vulnerable person comfortable with home health care. A companion is well-positioned to keep an eye on an aging person who may eventually need additional assistance.

The Signs It is Time for Companion Care

Home health care is a sensitive, complicated issue. Many families struggle with how to broach the matter. As companion care is generally part-time and less intensive than other forms of home health support, it can be a useful way to start the process. Here are some key signs that indicate your loved one may be ready for companion care in Philadelphia:

  1. Your vulnerable loved one spends much of their time alone;
  2. Your vulnerable loved one needs some help with daily tasks; and
  3. Your vulnerable loved one has expressed dissatisfaction with their current circumstances.

We know that everyone’s needs are different. At Personal Health Care, our Philadelphia home health care team is committed to ensuring that our clients are connected with a highly trained companion who is well-matched for their situation and their personality. Companion care is about relationships.

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At Personal Health Care, our Philadelphia home health care professionals have the skills, experience, and passion needed to provide high-quality companion care. If you have any questions about our services or your options, we are here to help. Call us today to set up a free in-home health assessment. We provide companion care services in Philadelphia and throughout the surrounding region in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

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