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Non-Medical Home Health Care & Elder Care in Philadelphia and Southeastern PA

Home Health Care in Philadelphia is about family. When your beloved parent, spouse or other family member needs elderly care, you need to know they will be safe and taken care of. There are certain changes that transpire with age and it takes a specific type of professionals to notice, understand and deliver all the services required by seniors. Finding quality home health care is about both relieving your stress and preserving your loved one’s dignity.

We all know that aging comes with challenges and illnesses that require additional care. Finding specialized home health care in Philadelphia is the perfect way to deal with a chronic condition or degenerative disorder.

As you start to notice the signs that let you know that your loved one needs assistance, it’s time to explore your options for non-medical home health care and elder care in Philadelphia. It’s normal to have many questions you will need answers to, such as:  “How do I know if my loved one is ready for a nursing home or assisted living?” Start by first getting in touch with your parent or spouse’s GP who knows their medical history, diet regime and lifestyle in detail. They should be your first point of contact in assessing the various aspects of well-being of your loved one.

Non-Medical Home Health Care & Elder Care in Philadelphia and Southeastern PA

Afterwards, move on to discussing your home situation and possible living arrangements that take into consideration existing conditions, deteriorating health and, just as important, the personal wish of your family member. It is the latter that is the most common reason why families in Philadelphia opt for the addition of home care services to successfully keep their relative at home longer.

Surveys have long shown that people prefer to maintain their independence and continue to live in their own home rather than relocate as they age. Yet this needs to happen in a way that does not lead to isolation. As children, spouses and siblings turn to their day-to-day responsibilities like work and school, it’s highly likely that elderly people feel neglected and abandoned even if this is not the case. In this situation, home health care can provide the necessary balance between independent living, socialization and much-needed care.

Philadelphia home health care allows families to pair independent living with some dependence or interdependence.  This is done in a considerate and gentle manner, which protects the sense of self-worth and dignity of the senior as they don’t have to ask for assistance and support when they need it. This is especially important since there are so many heart-breaking stories of elderly people unable to take care of themselves, but choosing to become increasingly isolated in their homes, rather than asking for help.

In choosing a home health care service, families receive the peace of mind that their loved one will be seen and treated as an individual. Instead of having a stream of white-coat doctors and nurses marching through their room in a nursing facility, their family member will remain in the comfort of their own house and build a personal relationship with one (or a few at most) home healthcare assistants. This lays out the foundation for strong interpersonal connections and creates a positive, nurturing relationship.

There are many resources to help outline these important considerations. Start by having this conversation with your loved one’s GP today before you get in touch your local Philadelphia home health care agencies to make the right choice for you family.

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