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How to Qualify for Home Health Care

Home health care is care given at home by a qualified professional for sick people or has injuries. The goals of home health care are to help you in recovery, enable you to take care of yourself, manage your illness, and help reduce the progression and worsening of your health condition.

The doctor is the one who refers you to home health care to get services like physical therapy, speech therapy, or even nursing care for a chronic condition at home. The nursing care provided may include administering IV medications, wound care, pain management, nutritional therapy, and educating the patient and those who take care of them at home.

What Are the Advantages of Home Health Care?

Home health care is a cheaper alternative to management for your health condition compared to hospital admission. Home health care support will also help relieve caregivers with some duties so that they can go to work or carry out other responsibilities saving them from burning out. Home care can also help elderly patients who do not have anyone to do some house chores.

Home health care also makes it possible to get professional nursing care for your condition, like administering IV drugs and nutrition without the need to travel to the health facility. It may be hard for a person who does not have medical training to carry out these duties while maintaining sterility and avoiding complications. Home health care is also convenient because you get health services delivered to you other than seeking them.

The professionals in Phoenixville personal healthcare provide home health care to elderly patients or people who do not have people to support them act like companions and provide emotional support. They can do fun activities with these clients like playing games or watching movies together, and therefore these people do not feel lonely. Another benefit of home health care is that there is one-on-one support from your healthcare provider where you discuss your health issues with a trusted person.

You also benefit from more focused attention from the health care provider and treatment that is personalized. It has been shown that people who get home health care services have better health outcomes than those who care for themselves.

How Do You Qualify for Home Health Care?

To qualify for home health care, you need to have a doctor’s recommendation who orders that you get health care at home. It would be best if you also remained under the doctor’s care who has requested you to get home health care to help your management to be constantly updated as the doctor reviews. To get home health care services, you must be willing to receive this care and management by the professional home.

Another requirement for you to qualify for home healthcare is that you should be homebound and unable to leave home. You require assistance to leave home for safety reasons, and when you do leave home, it should be for short durations. The other requirement is that you need skilled services for your health that you cannot provide on yourself.

You may qualify for home health care services if you are suffering from a chronic condition, if you have been recently admitted in a hospital and you get discharged on IV medication or nutritional therapy if you have had an injury and require wound care for non-healing wounds or have difficulty breathing or living alone with your health condition.


Home health care is care provided at home following doctor’s instructions, for homebound patients who require skilled health services. It is a convenient and affordable form of healthcare and provides personalized medical care for people with chronic conditions, those requiring intravenous therapy or those who need wound care.

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