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Home Care or Nursing Home Care?

Elder Care Nursing CareWhen you’re faced with choosing a care solution for your loved one, there are a few options for you to consider. For many in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas, the decision often comes down to two choices: home care or nursing home care.

Nursing home care in Philadelphia is the traditional care option that many individuals will choose. While there are certainly benefits to going this route, there are some instances where this method falls short. Home care provides an alternative solution with more flexibility.

Comfort and Preference

Given the choice, most elders would prefer to stay in their own home. There is a level of comfort involved with being in familiar surroundings. They know where the bathroom, the refrigerator, and the hall closet are. They are surrounded by friends and neighbors who can provide comfort as well as companionship.

In many ways, home care has the benefit of offering a “best of both worlds” solution. A qualified nurse or aide provides needed service to your loved one in a comfortable setting. They assist with daily tasks such as meal planning and preparation, medication administration, bathing & hygiene, and more.

Personal Attention

Nursing homes in Philadelphia provide many of the above services. However, home care solutions provide them in a personalized, one-on-one setting. Think of the difference between going to a classroom or having a private tutor.

You can feel confident that your loved one is getting the attention they need from a qualified professional who is there specifically for them and not at a risk of being called away at a moment’s notice.

Nursing homes may often rotate their nursing and aide staff from floor to floor or wing to wing. Often, the caregiver your loved one had in January will be different in February, March, etc. The personal touch of a home care provider ensures that a relationship of trust can be built between your loved one and the individual charged with their wellbeing.

Flexibility And Choice

Home care offers a level of customization that nursing homes do not. In a nursing home, you are often stuck with the staff that is assigned. With home care, you have the ability to choose your caregiver, make changes if necessary.

Freedom and flexibility are two other benefits that in-home care provides for. Not all seniors will require the type of 24-hour supervision that nursing homes provide. For these individuals, the flexibility to create a care plan and a schedule is ideal.

For seniors who still possess the capacity to live on their own, but who need a little help along the way, home care offers that flexibility.

Less Stigma, More Peace

Allow me to present a personal story in two parts. My grandmother on my mother’s side went into a nursing home later in her life. All things considered, she was a fiercely independent woman who ultimately needed assistance with daily tasks such as remembering to take medication.

Although she was living in a beautiful facility with wonderful caregivers, she resented the stigma associated with “being put in a home.” She also found it unsettling at times to be near individuals who were, frankly, in worse shape than she was. At times, it scared her.

My grandmother on my father’s side was also a fiercely independent woman who made it known in no uncertain terms that no matter what: nursing home care was not an option. As a feisty Italian woman, we didn’t really have a say in the matter!

Towards the end of her life it was clear that she needed some extra help around the house. My father and uncles decided that a home care service was an ideal option. In her late 80’s and early 90’s she was still able to cook big, Italian meals, go to doctor’s appointments, and get her hair done down the block. At that age, she was still climbing two flights of stairs to the apartment she’d occupied for over a half century.

All of these tasks were made possible by two things: the resilience that comes with being a proud Italian woman from a tough generation, and her home caregiver who assisted her every step of the way.

An Ideal, Customized Care Plan

Nursing homes in Philadelphia do a lot of good. However, by their nature they are forced to be a one size fits all solution. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always “fit all.” Home care is a cost-effective solution that works specifically with the individual needs of your loved one to provide a care plan that works best for them.

If you are looking for late life care solutions in Philadelphia, contact Personal Health Care today and see the difference a personal touch can make in the life of your loved one.

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