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Home Care For Alzheimer’s

Home Care for Alzheimers

“I believe there is a solution.” That was what Bill Gates said in a recent interview with CNN. He was talking about Alzheimer’s, and what’s more; he put money on it. The software magnate made headlines recently when he announced a $50 million personal investment he is making to The Dementia Discovery Fund. The fund anticipates the money will be used to accelerate progress towards disease-modifying therapies for Alzheimer’s.

What is Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is the most common form of dementia. It affects millions of Americans each year and is a leading cause of death in patients over 60. There is currently no cure for Alzheimer’s, though hopefully with Gates’ investment we will be closer to one.

Alzheimer’s Care

Alzheimer’s is a difficult condition on all fronts. There is a lack of effective medical options. Those that exist are primarily focused on treating the symptoms of the condition rather than the disease itself. Currently, home care provides one of the more effective methods of coping with the condition.

Home Care For Alzheimer’s

Home care for Alzheimer’s focuses on improving or maintaining the patient’s quality of life. As the disease progresses, patients often become increasingly unable to tend to their daily needs, including health and hygiene.

Each patient’s needs are different, and the disease progresses at different rates. Home care focuses on providing a sense of routine as well as normalcy for patients as well as their loved ones. A home caregiver can assist with personal hygiene, administration of medications, and even housework.

Meal preparation is often a struggle for those suffering from Alzheimer’s. As the disease progresses, nutrition is one area that is often neglected. Poor nutrition may have serious negative effects on the patient’s overall health. A caregiver can assist with planning and preparation of meals for the patient.

Altogether, home care is not a cure, nor will it prevent the progression of the disease. However, it remains one of the best options for both patient and family in coping with and mitigating the burdensome effects of Alzheimer’s.

Do You Love Someone With Alzheimer’s?

If you know someone who is dealing with Alzheimer’s, home care may be an option. At Personal Health Care, we understand the toll that Alzheimer’s takes on the patient as well as their family and loved ones. We have been providing home care for dementia and Alzheimer’s patients for over three decades and our team of qualified professionals are well-versed in the condition.

We applaud Bill Gates for taking a massive step towards discovering a cure for Alzheimer’s. It is a serious condition that is affecting more people every year. As we get closer to unlocking this condition, Personal Health Care is standing by to provide exceptional home care for the affected person in your life.

Our case management team is standing by for your call. We work directly with you, your doctors, and your loved one to create a care plan that is uniquely crafted to meet your needs. Contact us today for a free assessment.


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