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Holiday Pediatric Home Care

Holiday Pediatric Home Care

The holidays can be a stressful time under the most ideal circumstances. However, if you are charged with caring for a child with special needs, the pressure can mount. With holiday shopping, travel, and other events to plan; it can seem overwhelming.

Consider the following if you are struggling to keep up this holiday season.

Planning and Preparation

Creating a consistent schedule is a great place to start and serves two purposes. First, it allows everyone to know what the plan is, where they have to be, and when. Second, it prepares your child for what is ahead.

Special needs children may find new settings or individuals to be discomforting. By planning activities ahead of time, your child will have an opportunity to acclimate to the idea. You will have an opportunity to allay any fears or questions they might have. If your child requires special medical equipment or medicine to travel with them, you can also make those preparations.

Engage Visually

When planning, it may be helpful to use visual aids to familiarize your child with the experienced they may encounter. Pictures and even videos of family gatherings, presents, and holiday festivities will help familiarize them with what they are going to encounter. Holiday movies, books, board games and other activities can also help get your child ready.

Prepare Your Guests

If you are planning on having a gathering, or attending a large event; speak with attendees ahead of time. Let your loved ones know what, if any, special considerations are needed for your child’s care. Preparing family and friends ahead of time will help put everyone on the same page so there are no surprises.

Make Things Less Complicated

From food to presents, keeping things simple and easy is a recipe for success. Make sure that wrapped presents are easily opened, food is not too exotic, and activities are not too complicated or hectic for your child.

Have a backup plan for activities and events, and make sure to schedule some alone, quiet time for your child. New experiences and sensations can sometimes be overwhelming so having a planned break can help calm things down.

Consider Pediatric Home Care

It can be challenging to juggle the holidays as well as caring for a special needs child. In that case, Pediatric home care may be an option to consider. Home care for your special needs child is an effective way to make sure your child is being cared for by a trained professional while you prepare your home or family for the holidays.

Your home care professional can assist your child with daily routines, medical administration, doctor’s visits, transportation, and more. At Personal Health Care, we work directly with our patient’s family’s and doctors to create a schedule that works best for everyone involved.

If you are caring for a special needs child in Philadelphia or the surrounding area this holiday season; contact Personal Health Care today. Our case management team is standing by to schedule your free in-home assessment.

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