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Elderly Companion Care in Philadelphia

Elder companions — sometimes called home companions, are professionals you hire who also cater to a younger population. Their work consists of providing company for people who live alone, especially those who are home bound due to frailty or dementia. For people who are looking for companions care in Philadelphia, there is the added assurance of hiring an extra set of hands, eyes, and feet for their loved one who is dependent on others.

Philadelphia elder companions are ideal for those who spend much of their time alone and require some assistance with basic daily tasks. Family members are often unable to visit their senior parents or grandparents due to work engagements. However, everyone is looking to ensure their loved ones are well cared of by a trained professionals. Companion care services in Philadelphia also provide valuable social benefits, decreasing isolation and improving quality of life. They can be the answer even for people who care about their aging relatives, but sometimes need a few house away to run some errands. Warm relationships are often formed when a consistent companion is on the job — a boon for both the companion and the person he or she visits.

What is the cost?

Costs for Philadelphia companion care services range from free services provided by local volunteers to between up to $100 per hour for help arranged through an in-home care agency, depending on the type of care needed, time of day, location, and services provided. Depending on the individual needs of the person who needs companion care in Philadelphia you’ll receive a quote for the services that interest you. Mot agencies that specialize in the provision of companion care can assist with the following:

  • Meal preparation
  • Light housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • Grocery shopping
  • Errands
  • Medical appointments

Different individuals have different needs, so companion care specialists can provide any or all of the mentioned above. This affects the overall cost of the service. An elderly person can feel lonely after the death of a spouse but manage perfectly well with day-to-day activities. In this case, the may only need companionship.

Other times, seniors struggle with everyday activities and need a caregiver to assist them with basic tasks. When you first get in touch with Philadelphia companion care agencies you can explain what your expectations are and arrange for a meeting. This way the caregiver can and your relative can get acquainted and see if this is a good fit. The caregiver can then give you an estimate of the cost of the services that your parent can benefit from.

Elderly Companion Care in Philadelphia

How to get started?

You can find companions on your own in much the same way you’d find a babysitter: by word of mouth from neighbors, friends, or family members. Or you can try these options:

  • In-home care agencies. Use’s Senior Living Directory to search for in-home care agencies, most of which provide elder companions for Philadelphia by zip code – you can even see ratings and reviews.
  • Meals on Wheels. In addition to their hallmark service – local Meals on Wheels programs provide outreach services, including a Friendly Visitor Program that pairs a volunteer with a neighboring senior. Begin your search for Philadelphia help at the Meals on Wheels website.
  • Philadelphia Agencies on Aging. Trained staff at your local Area Agency on Aging can usually provide referrals for local help.
  • Local newspapers. Try placing an ad briefly describing your needs in any of the local Philadelphia newspapers.
  • Local high school students. Contact high school counselors from schools in Philadelphia. College-bound students often need community service experience and are available to provide some care and company during afternoons and evenings.

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