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Consider a Nursing Career In Home Care

Nursing Career in Home Care

A career in nursing is incredibly rewarding on many fronts. However, many nurses are employed in hospital or private doctor’s offices. While these are fine avenues, there are other opportunities that are available to both Registered Nurses (RN) and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN).

For nurses looking to escape the long hours of hospital work or the daily grind of a private practice; home care is a career choice to consider. There are many benefits to joining this exciting industry. Just to name a few:

A Focus On Patient Care

Nurses are some of the most compassionate among us; a trait that drives them towards their profession in the first place. In some medical settings, establishing a rapport with a patient can be difficult. In some situations, such as a high turnover rate, patient interaction may even be minimal.

While home care nurses may have more than one patient, the focus is always towards delivering a superior quality of care. With a one on one approach, nurses are more involved in the care of their patients and have more direct involvement with their treatment and care plans.

Schedule and Flexibility

Nurse are often subject to long hours and inflexible schedules. Not only can this type of schedule take its toll on the individual, it is also incredibly inconvenient. Choosing a career as a home care nurse can provide a greater level of flexibility when it comes to scheduling.

At Personal Health Care, we work directly with our patients, their family, and their doctors to create a personalized care plan that works best for all parties involved. This includes scheduling care in advance so that everyone is aware of what will be done, where, and when.

Of course, patient care isn’t always a 9-5 job and schedules may be subject to change. However, the days of working 18-hour shifts for weeks on end are over. At Personal Health Care, we believe that consistency and routine are as important to our patients as it is to our nurses and aides. That is why we strive to create a schedule that benefits all without compromising patient care.

Making a Difference

Home care nurses have a unique opportunity to get to know their patients as well as their families.  As opposed to other situations, many home nursing clients are long-term cases. This includes both pediatric as well as geriatric patients.

As a home care nurse, you will have the opportunity to build a relationship with your patients and become invested in their treatment. In many cases, home care nurses become close with their patient’s families as well.

It is not at all unusual for home care nurses to be welcomed in and treated as part of the family. It is incredibly rewarding to help contribute to the wellbeing of another and to be recognized for your work. Furthermore, the relationship built with the patient’s support structure can have a real and lasting positive impact on their care.

Ready To Make The Change?

If you are a Registered Nurse or a Licensed Practical Nurse in the Philadelphia area and you are looking for a career path that is both flexible and rewarding; consider a career in home nursing. Contact Personal Health Care today to inquire about available openings in your area.

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