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Adjusting to Home Care

Caring for Elderly

Having loved ones that are apprehensive of home care is understandable. In addition to the challenges your loved one’s medical situation presents, now they need to adjust to a new medical routine with a new set of individuals.

Getting use to home care requires an adjustment period for everyone involved; patient and family alike. Here are a few things you can expect when helping your loved one adjust to home care for the first time.

Allow Your Loved One To Have Their Own Voice

One of the reasons why patients may be apprehensive when it comes to home care is because they no longer feel independent. This may be especially true when it comes to managing personal hygiene or performing home activities they’re used to managing themselves.

However, a good thing to keep reminding your loved ones is that home care provides a positive force in their life and not a negative one.  At Personal Health Care, we work directly with our clients and their families to provide the highest quality of care possible while still being mindful of the patient’s need for independence and privacy.

There may still be an adjustment period, however every effort is made to ensure the patient’s quality of life does not suffer and that they retain as much self-reliance as possible.

An Individual Approach

When interacting and helping your loved one day in and day out, it’s of utmost importance that a level of trust and comfort be established with their caregiver. This is as true for the patient as it is for their family.

It is important that your caregiver is sensitive to this adjustment period. At Personal Health Care, we utilize a team approach to each individual patient’s needs. Our team sets up meet and greets with aides to introduce everyone and approaches each case individually. No one-size-fits-all solutions here.

Taking It Slowly

Regardless of the value home care provides, adjusting to new situations always requires one important element: time. While your caregiver can provide a variety of services, your loved one may not be comfortable with all aspects of the service immediately.

At Personal Health Care, our caregivers go slowly and explain every step of the process to the patient as well as their families. Education is important, and our nurses and aides are always available to help during the adjustment period and answer any questions the patient or their families might have.

We know the process can be a difficult one. We work diligently to accommodate everyone’s schedule and create a care plan that works best for everyone involved. There is no obligation or long-term commitments required and you are free to cancel services at any time.

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If you’re looking for more comprehensive home care in Philadelphia, contact Personal Health Care today. Our team of talented, trained professionals are standing by help you and your loved ones adjust during this time with compassion and professionalism every step of the way.

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